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Hippy Clothes : A Revival Of The Free Spirited Fashion Trend

With fashion trends ever-evolving, we’ve noted a consistent revival of 70’s styles in the modern era. Among them, the hippy or bohemian style is gaining considerable traction for its casual yet classic appeal. Rooted in the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 70s, ‘hippy’ clothing has come a long way from its origins, balancing between maintaining its essence while evolving with contemporary trends. One staple in this evolution of hippy clothes is the White Bohemian.

The Traits of Hippy Fashion

The allure of hippy fashion lies in its embodiment of freedom, peace, and love – concepts central to the spirit of the hippy movement. Characterized by eccentric patterns, vibrant colors, stirrings of ethnic influences, and natural materials, this fashion style dances away from the strict pattern of the mainstream, celebrating individuality.

Key elements in hippy wardrobes often include rounded sunglasses, floppy hats, long skirts, bell-bottom jeans, tie-dye shirts, sandals or natural leather boots, vests, fringe bags, headbands, and chunky, hand-made jewelry. An important component of hippy fashion lies in the principle of repurposing; many hippy outfits re-use and recycle clothing in their accessories and clothing styles.

The White Bohemian Trend

Among the myriad colors and patterns representative of the hippy lifestyle, the White Bohemian style has emerged as a significantly popular trend. It combines the free-spirited essence of hippy clothing with the elegance of the color white, birthing a radiant, clean, and sophisticated style inspired by bohemian charm.

White Bohemian fashion often includes beautiful flowing dresses, wide-brimmed hats, lace and crochet, sandals, bell sleeves, and tassels – all in shades of pure, immaculate white. This trend allows the wearer to harmoniously blend into any environment, maintaining a natural yet classy feel. Not just for womenswear, men’s fashion also incorporates elements of the style.

Hippy Clothes: Making a Bold Statement

Today, the decision to embrace hippy clothes is not motivated solely by fashion; it is a conscious statement. The ethos of peace, love, and freedom associated with these garments underscore a commitment to a lifestyle that opposes oppression, valuing an individual’s autonomy and commitment to environmental awareness. Wearing hippy clothes is more than being ‘in vogue,’ it is shouting out the ethics you stand for without having to utter a single word.

As the world gravitates towards ‘slow fashion,’ adopting mindful consumption, the principles of hippy clothes inherently align with the shift, making them the perfect combination of ethics and aesthetics.


Hippy clothes remain one of the most popular fashion trends in contemporary society. Dynamic and progressive, they have developed to meet the changing tastes and preferences of modern times while staying true to their roots. Whether you are donning a kaleidoscope of colors in a tie-dye shirt, channeling your inner wanderer with a gypsy skirt, or capturing elegance with White Bohemian attire, the hippy style lets you express your individuality whilst mirroring ethical mindfulness.

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